Rapid Road Test
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 It usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks to schedule a road test on your own through the DMV. Our rapid road tests are scheduled within 14 business days at a location close to your zip code. We will give you a call as soon as we schedule your appointment. After taking your information, our road test specialists will start working on scheduling your road test. We will give you a call as soon as we schedule your appointment. 

In order to maximize our chances of finding you a rapid road test, we search in several locations around your area. 

When our road test specialists find openings for a rapid road test, they must schedule them immediately. Therefore, they will be unable to schedule a rapid test if you have a preexisting appointment. Please cancel any preexisting appointments before requesting a rapid road test. Once a rapid road is scheduled, you must accept this appointment and have open availability. If you do not have open availability, we do not recommend signing up for the rapid road test. Due to high demand during the summer months,  while we guarantee a rapid road test within 14 days, we cannot guarantee transportation to everyone who requests it.

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Rapid Road Test

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